Cornwall | May 2018

Cadgwith; C200

The walled garden at Penrose; Portra 400

Porthgwara; C200

Porthgwara; C200

Porthgwara; C200

St Michael’s Mount; Portra 400

Cape Cornwall; Portra 400

Cape Cornwall; Portra 400

Cape Cornwall; Portra 400

Potager Garden Cafe; C200

Potager Garden Cafe; Portra 400

I’ve just got a couple of rolls of film back from AG Photographic so thought I’d put together a collection of the film photos from our trip to Cornwall at the end of May. This year we camped down on the Lizard Peninsula at YHA Coverack for two nights and at YHA Penzance for three. Both of the campsites were good. We had our own private glade at Coverack (the downside was that the long grass was full of bugs and I got bitten alive). At Penzance I made friends with a lovely long haired cat who I took pity on because she was so desperate for attention and food. I ended up buying her sachets of food two nights in a row as she kept begging for food, but then was woken by her mewing outside our tent at 3am!

These pictures were taken on Portra 400 on an OM2n (and Noritsu scanned at the lab) as well as some cheap, probably expired (though it lives in the fridge) C200 on a Spotmatic SPii. The light meter on the SPii isn’t accurate so I use a Sekonic L-308S for metering. The Olympus works beautifully on aperture priority as it’s had a full service at the camera shop in Halesowen. Which reminds me, I need to take one of my lenses in for a CLA sometime soon.

The C200 is self scanned using a little 35mm film scanner. The built in colour curve doesn’t work well with Portra but suits cheap film quite well… probably because that’s what the scanner was designed for. I can’t bring myself to spend ~£9 getting a 24 exposure roll of cheap C200 scanned professionally, it seems like a waste of money since it’s the same cost whether it’s a 24 or 36 exposure roll, cheap or nice. I think cheap film is actually a false economy anyway as processing costs are higher. Once my stash is finished I’ll just shoot Portra. It’s not like I’m shooting film all the time, it’s only in the spring and summer when we go on holiday but the colours and texture of Portra are so much nicer and smoother than C200.

More Cornwall photos from our holiday on the Roseland last May can be found here.

Ilam Park

On Friday night Ed and I stayed over at Ilam Hall YHA as we were filming a wedding together on Saturday morning. It’s not a long drive up from Birmingham, but it was a 9.30am start so staying local the night before just made sense. We often stay at YHA properties as they’re simple and self-catered, and in really good locations. I think Ilam might be one of the best!

Yesterday morning I was woken up at dawn by the radiator beside my bunk turning on and the pigeons outside my window starting up their morning song and dance. I always forget how noisy the countryside is in the morning. City life is loud at night, but mornings are quiet. In the countryside it’s the other way around. Ed can sleep through most things so I went down to the kitchen in the basement for a cup of tea, and on my way down the stairs spotted the most amazing golden light pouring through the 3m window in the drawing room. With two hours to go until my alarm I picked up my camera and went for a walk in the grounds.

I caught this lamb in an act of grave robbing. He or she was busy stealing roses from one of the graves when I walked past the church at 6am!

A riverside walk at dawn with wild garlic on the air, bluebells at every turn and rabbits running free across the lawn was such a lovely, peaceful start to the day. I wish we’d had more time to explore the grounds as there are so many good walks from there including the mile downstream to Dovedale, but I’m sure we’ll go back soon, minus a car full of tripods and light stands!

Kew Gardens in the Spring

Last year for Ed’s birthday I promised him that we would make a trip to Kew Gardens. His birthday falls at the end of spring, once all the blossom and flowers have peaked. The summer was busy with weddings, November through March are invariably grim and not worth making the trip for, and then here we are and it’s spring again. Since we’re not yet through the year and to his next birthday, I booked tickets for us to go down to London on Saturday to visit the gardens.

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