This Could Be Love

Monday 17th September 2018

Over the summer holidays Ed and I recorded a few of the punk-rock covers we’ve been working on together in recent months. I thought it would be straight forward; clear the furniture to one side, set up the camera, stand in front of it, play. It wasn’t.

As soon as the camera was rolling we’d take it in turns to mess up in 100 different ways. I’d forget how to play in tune. Ed would change chord too late. I’d forget a verse. Ed would drop his plectrum. On and on it went. The one time we had a recording where neither of us messed up, it wasn’t something I could use as I’d blown the highlights in camera by metering off Ed’s skin tone. When the sun came out mid way through the song, my already very fair skin turned snow white. Frustrated, hot and fed up with playing the same song over and over again, we gave up.

With a little bit of time and distance I’ve looked at the recordings, and found one that I dislike the least. Ed’s playing is great, mine isn’t, but at least we’re both in focus and the highlights are intact! The song itself is one of our favourites (Alkaline Trio – This Could Be Love) and was one of the first covers we worked on earlier this year when we started playing together.

Hopefully the next few songs we record will be even better. I think my strangled tone and stiffness is just a simple matter of being a bit camera shy. The reason I picked up a camera in the first place all those years ago is because I am more comfortable behind it than in front of it, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise. I really want to record more songs together though. We play together most evenings after Ed’s been running and I’m home from the gym or pool, and it’d be nice to have recordings of them too. ‘Second City Strings’ is our loose duo name. It was a toss up between ‘Second City Strings’ and ‘Strings Attached’ but we both liked the reference to our adopted home town of Birmingham so ‘Second City Strings’ won.

The Vendée | August 2018

Friday 31st August 2018

After spending four nights in Brittany, we drove south to Jard-sur-Mer, learning a very important lesson on the way: don’t travel in France on a Saturday during the peak summer season. Next time we’ll plan our travel days for week days as the roads are much quieter.

In Jard-sur-Mer we stayed at Camping la Ventouse which we had chosen for the shady pitches and proximity to the beach. Our pitch was on the sand dunes on the edge of the campsite, and because tent camping isn’t as popular as caravan camping, we had a double pitch to ourselves which was lovely. The following pictures are all digital, but I’ll update this post when I get the film scans back from the lab.

Preparing dinner on our first night.


La Rochelle




Back at the campsite while Ed was out running.



DIY pain-au-chocolat