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Graphic Novels

Likely Stories – Neil Gaiman & Mark Buckingham

Four short horror stories that are sort of interconnected. I’ve started and then abandoned a few Neil Gaiman books in the last couple of years. I loved his Norse Myths, but The Ocean at the End of the Lane didn’t wow me, I just found it a bit weird. I abandoned Neverwhere as I didn’t like the characters, and haven’t got round to trying American Gods yet. I’ve not tried any of his graphic novels before though, so I picked this and Coraline up at the library to give them a try. Again, this one didn’t amaze me. Neil Gaiman has a bit of a cult following, but I’m starting to think his work just isn’t for me.

June hasn’t been a great month for reading. I picked up and got stuck on a couple of books and have been busier with filming and making time for running and swimming more as well as music practice. Hopefully July will be a better month for books.


The Bone People – Keri Hulme

I didn’t like the writing style or the opening chapter, so quickly moved on to something else. Having read reviews of it, I’m glad I abandoned this one as I didn’t realise the plot contains so much child abuse.

The Lonely City // Adventures in the Art of Being Alone – Olivia Laing

I pushed through with this one longer than I should have done really. I read an excerpt online and found it fascinating, but I found it a bit of a grind reading the actual book. I found the opening chapter interesting as it deals with the work and life of Edward Hopper, but my attention drifted in later chapters as I wasn’t familiar with the work and lives of the individuals in question.

Links & Articles

Dina Litovsky’s series of photographs documenting Amish holiday traditions.

A blog post about soundtrack design, and specifically the amazing soundtrack to the Chernobyl miniseries (which I also watched this month).

Also on Disquiet, a blog post about blogging, encouraging the use of blogs over the exclusive use of social media. I love having this little space of my own on the web that I have designed, built and am in control of. I share photos and films from my everyday life as well as essays and thoughts on unrelated matters. I don’t have a large readership but that doesn’t matter to me.