Kew Gardens in the Spring

Tuesday 24th April 2018 | Home » Kew Gardens in the Spring
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Last year for Ed’s birthday I promised him that we would make a trip to Kew Gardens. His birthday falls at the end of spring, once all the blossom and flowers have peaked. The summer was busy with weddings, November through March are invariably grim and not worth making the trip for, and then here we are and it’s spring again. Since we’re not yet through the year and to his next birthday, I booked tickets for us to go down to London on Saturday to visit the gardens.

Saturday was hot. 25C hot. We enjoyed a very unseasonal three day heatwave last week which broke on Saturday night just as we were walking home from the station. Perfect timing, I’d say.

I’m really glad we waited as Kew Gardens looked spectacular under blue skies and cherry blossom and I can’t imagine they look more impressive at any other time of year. My favourite display was definitely the cherry tree walk, lined with thousands of tulips swaying in the wind above the long grass. The tulips have been planted to celebrate the reopening of the temperate house two weeks from now as it has been closed for a while for refurbishment.

Happy birthday Ed! I still can’t believe we’re both in our thirties. I think I’ll hit forty before I stop laughing at the concept!

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