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I thought I’d share my skincare routine because every time I tried searching for a minimalist skincare routine for normal skin I found routines with ten steps and twenty products, and to me that’s not very simple! If it’s not simple then I know I won’t bother with it for long. I’ve put together my own routine and I’m sharing it in case it’s helpful for anyone else who is looking for a simple, minimalist skincare routine.

For context, I’m vegan for animal welfare reasons which means that I don’t use cosmetics that contain animal products, or products that are tested on animals. Up until recently that has meant that I don’t have much choice, and I’ve stuck to Superdrug’s own range which is BUAV approved (and features the bunny logo). Thankfully veganism is now as common in the UK as vegetarianism, so I have a bit more choice. Specifically, I’ve discovered ‘The Ordinary’. All of their products are vegan and many of them come in packaging that is easy to recycle and, like Superdrug’s own range, the brand is affordable. Where there were options to do so I have chosen the product that comes in glass rather than plastic (e.g. the vitamin C powder rather than the premixed tubes).

I’m in my early thirties and I have normal skin. I’m lucky in that I’ve never had acne or any other skin problems. That said, I do spend a lot of time outdoors (cycling, walking, hiking) and I am fair skinned. In my teens I was very self-conscious of how pale I was because I was teased for it by people I went to school with and so I spent too much time in the spring and summer months sunbathing in the park and garden trying to get a ‘healthy tan’ (there’s no such thing). As a result of that I have some sun damage to my face which is becoming more prominent as I get older. I’ve worn moisturiser with SPF 15 on my face for over ten years, but because I’m active I find it often slips right off my face and the sun spots / freckles around my hairline, jawline and where my sunglasses rub prove that it’s not very effective. I’ve finally accepted that I’m going to need to wear normal suncream in my day to day rather than rely on the SPF in moisturiser. At the moment I am using up the Superdrug suncream I have lying around, but I have also bought some (plastic free) mineral suncream to use once that is finished (Amazinc SPF30 Mineral Butter Suncream).

I don’t wear makeup every day (when I do I use Lily Lolo in porcelain as mineral makeup doesn’t go bad which is perfect for my infrequent use), and I’d quite like to keep that up as I get older. Strangely enough, I feel more confident without makeup than with it, which is a good place to be I think. My mum and older sister never wore makeup, so I never did the teenage experimentation that many girls do as I took my idea of ‘normal’ from them. I’ve started a new very simple skincare routine to see if I can fade my freckles and sun spots and prevent further sun damage from everyday life. It’s early days, but I’m hoping that the following routine will do the job. I’ll update this post in six months or so.


Splash face with cold water, press dry

The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5

The Ordinary Vitamin C Powder (mix it with the amino acids, or with a few drops of water or fresh loose leaf green tea if that’s what I’m drinking)

Superdrug Vitamin E cream

Superdrug SPF 50 suncream


Wash with bar soap (Little Soap Company) in the shower

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalene

Superdrug Vitamin E cream

The Ordinary Vitamin C Powder (mix in hand with Vitamin E & Retinoid or ALA)

Every third night I use The Ordinary ALA in place of the Granactive Retinoid 2%. Everything else stays the same.

Updated 5th February to reflect the reality of my daily routines a few months in. I do wear SPF every day, but that’s about all I CBA with first thing in the morning. The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5 is really sticky, so I don’t use it everyday and won’t reorder it once it’s finished.

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