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Walking my usual loop in reverse on Friday evening, I spotted this sign in the window of a block of student flats at the University of Birmingham, left in suspension since March.

Every year the first years line up their empty bottles in their kitchen windows in an inter-block competition to see who binge drinks the most / has the most “fun”. It’s a time honoured tradition, my block in Aitken Wing did it when I lived on the Vale back in 2004/2005, and we wouldn’t have been the first. I’m not sure when the sign went up, Ed seems to think it’s been up since early March but it might even be earlier than that, the letters bleached to pastel hues in the south facing windows.

On the way home I spotted a sheet of music on a low wall, which must have fallen from a primary school child’s bag on their last day of school in the middle of March. A harmony part for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer arranged for descant recorder.

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