Hello, my name is Stéphanie and I live in Birmingham in the UK. I share my personal work on this blog including films, photographs, and the stories behind them. Alongside my documentary film and photography work, I make photos and films of the little moments that make up my everyday life, and I rarely leave home without my camera. I enjoy the look and feel of 35mm film, and shoot film alongside digital, mostly in the spring and summer months.

Each month I share photos and a short film filled with moments from my everyday life, as well as a post filled with my thoughts on the books, articles and links I have read that month. I also share photos frrom holidays and daytrips, my attempts at teaching myself to draw and paint, and the odd essay here and there when I feel I have something I want to say and share.

Every now and then I write photography and filmmaking tutorials for beginners and improvers as my way of giving back to the online community that taught me so much when I was just getting started with photography and filmmaking myself.