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A sunny afternoon at Winterbourne over a bottle of elderflower Fentimans and a flapjack. It rained for most of Ed’s spring school holidays, but this was a rare moment of sunshine when we went for a walk together.

One benefit of all the rain is the moody afternoon light at home. We’re west facing but the light was so even and diffused it was like north light.

Cherry blossom and new stationery.

My first attempt in years at pressing and preserving flowers.

The magnolia at Packwood on the way home from Earlswood nurseries with herbs for the balcony and a packet of cat grass seeds for Minou.

As I stand facing west in a darkened room at sundown, playing my violin, my neighbour across the way stands facing east, performing his evening prayers. I love living in a city. I love seeing and hearing life lived out around me. We all have our own rituals, habits and routines. I don’t believe in a god or organised religion, but I’ve always loved music and it has been the backbone and bookends of my days ever since I was a child in the same way that religion is to other people.

Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology is a book I’ve wanted to read for a while now. I reserved it at the library but it took 6 weeks to come through, and then when I went in to pick it up there were no members of staff around for me to speak to. Eventually I gave up waiting and walked to Waterstones to buy a copy instead. So much of fantasy, science fiction, computer games and open-source software naming is influenced by Norse myths, so I’ve been curious to read more about them as I’m interested in all of those things. Neil Gaiman is a writer I like, though I haven’t yet read much of his back catalogue. I’m enjoying reading this one. It’s beautifully written.

My rebranded packaging for delivering wedding films. Navy blue button envelopes by Razzle Dazzle Rose, thank you notes by Nullipress and recycled silk by Good Karma Llama.

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