A Short Trip to Brussels | May 2019

Friday 3rd May 2019

A few photos and a video (at the bottom of the post) from our trip to Brussels. Friends of ours were getting married on the 1st which is a public holiday in Belgium. We caught the Eurostar to Brussels on Tuesday, spent Wednesday at our friends’ wedding and then had a day set aside for exploring Brussels yesterday. Somehow Ed managed to get two days off work during term time, so we made the most of it.

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Etched Behind Eyelids | April 2019

Tuesday 30th April 2019

Breakfast on the balcony during an early season warm spell.

I’ve taken lots of photos this month, but some of them are on film and others are seasonal repeats (cherry blossom etc) so this month’s post is a short one. There are clips from our various trips to Kew Gardens, the Shropshire Hills and other places in the video though.

Etched Behind Eyelids |