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Ed and his dad replaced the felting on our shed roof, as it got torn off by high winds in one of the many winter storms.

It was a messy job, but the shed is looking so much better for it, and it will be much stronger to weather future storms.

One of the neighbourhood cats has taken to strutting around our plot like he owns it. I asked one of the children who lives in one of the houses that back onto the allotment and whose parents have a plot a few down from us about this cat, and she told me he’s called Obi / Obie and belongs to one of their neighbours. He’s very friendly, but very naughty and bold.

I planted the greenhouse. Those are indigo blue berries along the left, indigo pear drops along the top, and purple cherokee down the right (all tomato varieties). Then we have three different varieties of aubergines (pinstripe, black beauty, three knights) and three (now four) varieties of hot and sweet peppers (cayenne long slim, lemon dream, aji dulce). The last pepper variety (not pictured, I planted it later) is biquinho. It looks crowded and it is, but the tomatoes will grow taller than the other crops, and once I prune lower tomato branches there will be space for the aubergines and peppers. There’s a very narrow strip of soil to use as an access path, but I’m really trying to make the most of this 180cm x 180cm greenhouse.

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