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Sugar snap peas ‘sugar bon’
Chamomile ‘matricaria recutita’
Cerinthe major purpurascens

Our winter squash have started to set fruit! I’ve dedicated two whole beds to winter squash because it’s a vegetable we both love, there are so many varieties I want to try, and you just can’t find that many varieties in the shops in the UK.

Tomatoes ‘san marzano 2’
Tomatoes ‘sweet millions’
Courgettes ‘summer holiday’
Courgettes ‘Ambassador’
Calendula ‘Pink Surprise’ or ‘Sunset Buff’

Our first proper harvest, where I picked enough for us to be able to make a meal. The potatoes did a few meals. The basket was Mum’s, she bought it in a market in Brittany years ago, when she and Dad still had an allotment. Dad gave it to me a few months ago because he doesn’t use it.

My dahlias have been through the wars. The slug wars. Some of them are looking better than others, and a couple of plants look like they might start making flower buds soon. We’ll see.

Nasturtium ‘Blue Pepe’ or ‘Empress of India’, I forget which is which.
Cosmos ‘antiquity’
Chocolate cosmos

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