Portraits with Minou


Minou is such a sweet, kind, gentle cat. She puts up with all of my nonsense, and just accepts that life with a photographer and filmmaker involves lots of posing for photographs and light tests. I’m working on improving my off camera lighting at the moment, and since Ed is in school this week, I asked Minou to stand in and model for me.

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Ballet in the Park


Blossom petals dance along the pavement, lifted by the breeze, painting the drains, gutters and curbs a soft, ballerina pink. In a suburban park alongside the Rea Valley cycle route, a girl of six or seven shows off her ballet moves to her mother and grandmother, performing effortless twirls in her frilly dungaree shorts while residents from the terraces that border the park jog slow circles around the football pitches.

On a beautiful spring day as the fruit trees put on their magical display, the children’s play park sits empty, the gate taped shut like a crime scene.

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Learning Flash | Split & Rembrandt Lighting


I dug out my flash trigger the other day. After finding a new battery for it I convinced Ed to sit for some portraits so that I can improve my off camera flash technique. While I’m used to and comfortable with off camera lighting for filmmaking, off camera flash for photography is a different beast and I have found it quite intimidating in the past. It’s hard when you can’t see the light you’re shaping, and there’s a lot of trial and error. I decided to set up in our living room to take some portraits this afternoon, not thinking that I’d come away from the mini shoot with anything to show for it, but I surprised myself.

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