In This City I See Ghosts


The older I get the more I struggle to comprehend time. The weeks and months fall steadily through my fingers without me noticing them stack up, only for me to find myself acutely aware of the passing of time when I hear from an old friend or catch glimpses of Former Me on my walks around the city I call home. As I write this I have just completed thirty-three and a half rotations of the sun. I’m not yet middle-aged, but I am not young any more either.

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Etched Behind Eyelids | February 2020


At the start of the month Ed and I went down to Bristol to see Kevin Devine. I don’t normally take pictures at shows, as I don’t like to risk having my camera taken off me by security or having beer thrown on it by the crowd. Besides, when I go to a show I am there to listen to the music and sing along rather than take pictures. That said, this month Ed and I have been to two tiny acoustic shows and I thought it’d be fun to take my camera and capture a few stills as security is more relaxed, acoustic shows are civilised, and I don’t mind being at the front for them. I keep my shutter on silent during quiet songs and my review screen off as I know how annoying it is to have a glowing screen distract you from the stage. I’ve shared more photos from the Kevin Devine show here.

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It’s been a quiet week for February half term. Ed and I often go hiking in Wales during his school holidays but due to the storms and flooding across England and Wales that wasn’t possible this year. Instead, Ed’s spent the hours between his morning and evening runs playing futoshiki and listening to cycling or football podcasts.

I’ve felt really uninspired with photography recently. I think it’s because it’s the end of winter and the weather (and light) has been terrible for weeks on end. I can’t wait for spring to come so that we can spend more time outdoors together.

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