The Seventh Sunday


Yesterday was the seventh Sunday of physical distancing restrictions, and we woke up to grey skies and 12C after a week of sunshine and warmth. Whereas Minou spent the whole day on Saturday asleep on the bench on the balcony, yesterday she curled up on an armchair indoors and refused to move. Rather than stay in and listen to de Pfeffel babble on and wave his hands like a mad man, Ed and I got in the car, put Spanish Love Songs’ Brave Faces Everyone record on to play, and drove down to the Lickey Hills for an evening walk. The contents of the speech had been leaked anyway, so there was nothing to be gained from watching it live.

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On Patriotism and VE Day


Ed joined me for my daily walk around Edgbaston this evening, the dry and dusty streets carpeted with faded blossom petals and fragrant pine needles as this once in a lifetime spring drifts ever on towards summer. Hundreds of metres of fresh bunting and Union Jack flags had appeared overnight, strung out across front gardens, driveways and cars in celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Victory in Europe.

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April 2020 | Books & Links



Granta 146 – The Politics of Feeling – Granta

Granta is a quarterly mix of fiction, non-fiction, sequential art, photo essays and interviews, but this collection contains more non-fiction than the collection on Japan I read in December, so I’m listing it under non-fiction. I found a second-hand copy of Granta 146 on World of Books as I prefer reading physical books than a digital subscription on my phone, but all of the articles are available online with a subscription. A select few from each issue are open-access. I’d subscribe, but I am terrible at letting periodicals pile up, so it’s better for me just to buy copies of the issues I’m interested in as and when I want to read them.

Granta 146 was a mixed bag for me and I didn’t love everything, but standout pieces include Poppy Sebag-Montefiore’s ‘Touch’, Benjamin Markovits’ ‘Picking Up Nathan from the Airport’ and Joff Winterhart’s graphic story ‘B-Road Encounter’.

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Things I Miss


Today is the first day of the sixth week of the strict physical distancing measures we have been asked to live with in the UK to bring the coronavirus outbreak under control. I don’t like calling it ‘lockdown’ because it’s not. We’re allowed out of our homes to exercise and to go to the shops, many businesses have already reopened, and it’s not really being policed. I live in Birmingham city centre and although there have been police helicopters overhead and the police have been patrolling in their vehicles, it’s all been fairly relaxed. The situation in the UK is very different to the situation in Spain, Italy and France, where the restrictions are much tighter and more strongly policed.

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