September Reflections


The beginning of another new academic year, and in the swimming pool a group of young men throw each other around in the general section, making a lot of noise and treating the pool like a pub. They won’t be back once freshers’ week is over, but the rituals or a new semester and freshers’ week change very little as the years go by. I’m always one year older and they’re always a fresh faced eighteen.

At Winterbourne afterwards, I sit on a bench in a quiet corner and feel the sun on my face, enjoying the final warm afternoons of the year and reflecting on all the events and losses of the past twelve months.

One year ago, Minou was still alive. One year ago, Mum still recognised me as her daughter.

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A Visit to Moseley Bog


Moseley Bog is a nature reserve and wetland situated in the Moseley and Hall Green suburbs of Birmingham. I’ve known about its existence for some years now, but because it’s a little bit too far to be walking distance – and the other side of the Bristol and Pershore roads which are a nightmare to cross as a pedestrian – I’ve never been.

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