Minimalist Vegan Skincare Routine for Normal Skin

Thursday 10th October 2019

I thought I’d share my skincare routine because every time I tried searching for a minimalist skincare routine for normal skin I found routines with ten steps and twenty products, and to me that’s not very simple! If it’s not simple then I know I won’t bother with it for long. I’ve put together my own routine and I’m sharing it in case it’s helpful for anyone else who is looking for a simple, minimalist skincare routine.

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Writing & Other Things

Etched Behind Eyelids | September 2019

Monday 30th September 2019

Ed made me a birthday cake following this recipe for a vegan coffee and walnut cake. I first trialled this recipe back in the spring, and it has taken the place of my old favourite sponge cake recipe. The Rose Elliot recipe is pretty good (it was our go-to birthday cake recipe for nearly fourteen years), but the Veganuary one is fluffier and tastes more like a traditional victoria sponge. I made a few adjustments to it though. Instead of 1tsp xantham gum, I use 2tbsps soya flour, and instead of 200ml instant coffee I use 50ml strong filter coffee and 150ml soya milk.

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Etched Behind Eyelids |

September 2019 | Books & Links

Thursday 26th September 2019

September has been a frustrating month in books, but a good month in non-fiction articles. I’ve abandoned two novels and stubbornly completed two others even though I promised myself at the start of this year that I would freely abandon bad books. There are so many good books out there and not enough hours in a day to read them all, so I really shouldn’t be wasting my time on books I don’t love, but there we go. Old habits die hard.

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Voice, Pitch and a Small Experiment

Friday 20th September 2019

This month I read an interesting article about voice, pitch and the gender bias present in recording and broadcast technology. Out of curiosity, I tried to find out what the pitch or frequency of my regular speaking voice is. It turns out it is F# below Middle C. I have an alto singing voice, although I haven’t sung in a choir since I was eighteen, so the range doesn’t surprise me but the pitch is interesting.

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Writing & Other Things

The Silence Woke Me Up

Wednesday 18th September 2019

On Sunday morning I woke before dawn and watched the sunrise over the fields at my parents’ house in Somerset. I can’t sleep very well in the countryside as I find the silence a bit eerie and I’m used to a gentle hum of traffic at all hours. Having been on my feet for ten hours shooting a wedding the day before I was a bit frustrated by the lack of sleep, but the pretty sunrise softened the blow.

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