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A few photos and a video (at the bottom of the post) from our trip to Brussels. Friends of ours were getting married on the 1st which is a public holiday in Belgium. We caught the Eurostar to Brussels on Tuesday, spent Wednesday at our friends’ wedding and then had a day set aside for exploring Brussels yesterday. Somehow Ed managed to get two days off work during term time, so we made the most of it.

Thursday was overcast and rain was forecast for the whole afternoon, but we got lucky as it was dry until 3pm. We followed the comic book route around the city centre to see the murals which turned out to be a good decision. Grand Place is beautiful, but far too busy. The comic book route takes you away from the crowds through cobbled streets and quieter areas of the city. You really have to look up and around you as you walk though, as otherwise it’s very easy to miss the murals.

Late afternoon we stopped in at Laurent Gerbaud, a cafe and chocolate shop, to sit out the worst of the rain.

A short little mood film I made from video clips I captured on our walk around Brussels.

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