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On a Sunday afternoon walk up in the Lickey Hills we discovered a big patch of raspberry vines. I knew the Lickeys were good for blackberries but I’d never seen the raspberries before, perhaps because we don’t tend to walk down that side of the park all that much in summer, as we tend to stay up by the larch trees instead. Wild raspberries are such a treat to find. I’ll be going back later in the season with a tub or two to make the most of them, although I suspect the birds will get to them first.

A secondhand Ebay find. I buy most of my clothes secondhand. It’s better for the environment and better for my bank balance than buying brand new. I’m always astonished to see what other people sell.

Sunday morning at Winterbourne.

Sunday evening in the Lickey Hills.

The first Monday of Ed’s school holidays we went for a walk in Sutton Park. There’s a new cafe by Bracebridge Pool, which is my favourite spot in the park as it’s also where the ponies live. I was so happy to see them again, as I hadn’t seen them since December despite my best efforts to spot them every time I visit.

Asleep in front of the fan on the hottest day of the year (33C in Birmingham on 25th July 2019).

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