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Minou has spent the past few weeks asleep in an armchair. After her pancreatitis flare up at the end of June, she never regained the strength to jump, so we’ve set up the living room so that she can climb into the chair rather than jump. It’s nearly impossible to get an appointment with the vet as a non-emergency at the moment and since she’s eating, drinking, walking and climbing, she’s not an emergency. Based on her age, symptoms and a triage phone call with our veterinary practice, we suspect that she’s got arthritis and so I’ve started her on the common arthritis nutritional supplements – glucosamine, chondroitin and omega 3. She’s responding well to them so far, but it’s early days. Here’s to hoping they can restore some of her mobility and help manage any discomfort she’s experiencing.

Saturday market produce. The market is a mix of traditional greengrocers and guys who buy up supermarket seconds and then price them up for £1 a bowl. It’s so cheap that we often fill the fridge for £10.

Ed and Minou watching football together. Cycling season starts soon, Minou can’t wait!

I made cinnamon swirls for treat day one Saturday. I didn’t follow a recipe, I just made up a standard yeast dough with soya milk in place of water, plus a little bit of sugar. Once it had risen, I rolled it out on my pastry mat, and rubbed vegan margarine, icing sugar and cinnamon powder across the surface, rolled them up, cut them, placed them on grease proof, and let them have a second rise beneath a tea towel. Just before baking, I drizzled soya milk over the top of each roll which helped to keep them from being too grainy.

A walk around Earlswood Lakes near Solihull after a visit to the landscaping nursery to pick up a few things for our balcony. The lakes are man-made feeder lakes for the local canal network.

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