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Gustave likes to watch the world go by. From this perch he can see down to the pavement and up into the tree that magpies nest in. I love watching him on high alert, ears twitching, whiskers forward, taking it all in.

Dad installed some battens and a shelf so that we can keep our shed tidy. It looks so much better in there now!

We started to put in a physical border on the right hand side, using wood that we pulled off the plot that wasn’t good enough to use for beds. Some of the original beds had started to rot, because they were sunk into the ground. The wood from those beds is perfectly good to use for a border to hold the grass back and mark the edge of our plot though.

Cherry Plum in bloom by Edgbaston Reservoir.

Kitty, the Botanical Gardens’ cat, resting on a bench down by the bog.

Sutton Park

The ponies are looking gaunt after a harsh winter. They’ve started to moult for spring, which is why their coats look patchy at their throats and rumps.

This pony was one the healthiest I saw, some of them were incredibly skinny. It’s been a cold winter, it’s not surprising that they’ve suffered a bit. I just hope for a good spring for them, with enough rain to keep the grass lush so that they can fatten up.

Etched Behind Eyelids |