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Homemade sourdough. Mum gave me one of her rising baskets which really helps with keeping the dough from spreading out too much. My starter is two months old now and I’ve been surprised at how easy it is to keep it going and make sourdough once the starter is established. I thought the process would be much more complicated than it is. Granted, it takes longer to make a loaf of sourdough than with packet yeast, but most of the additional time is proving time.

Shadows from an apple tree casting dappled light across the canvas of a sperry tent at a wedding we were filming. I love outdoor weddings.

Botanical washi tape and rose gold ink. I bought these from Etsy as part of my packaging for wedding films.

A card for Babcia that never got sent, filled with inconsequential stories from my everyday life and plans for a camping trip to Cornwall at the end of the month.

Letters from Babcia over the years. I’ve been re-reading them since she died on the 16th.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Mornings are spent on my lap at my desk, cuddling my knees. Afternoons are spent on the balcony, shuffling down the length from the living room door to the far end as the sun moves around. Once the sun hits the bench she then stays there for hours with her head and limbs hanging limply over the edge, before coming in to sit between us at dinner with all the doors and windows wide open.

Coverack Harbour. I only have a handful of digital pictures from our camping trip to Cornwall, as we were mostly shooting film. I’ll write a separate post sharing the film photos once I get them developed.

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