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A Tabby Cat and a Hot Stone Wall


On my way to Tesco in an oversized cotton dress and battered espadrilles bought two summers ago in an alpine Carrefour, I pass a young woman with a tabby cat tucked neatly under her arm. I can’t help but smile. The cat, wearing a neon pink leash and harness, looks so content and completely unfazed by the heavy traffic passing by. I pull my face mask out of my bag and hook it around my ears, an exercise in futility these days given that most people don’t bother, and head in to pick up a few bits for dinner.

Rather than go straight home, I make a beeline for the park instead, and settle down on the hot stone wall with a vegan magnum to people watch for a short while. Summer is coming to an end, and after a soggy August we’re enjoying a last hurrah of good weather before the equinox winds arrive, pulling the dry leaves off trees and ushering in autumn. Hot September days feel extra special, if a little bittersweet.

The tabby cat and its human stroll past, heading home to an apartment overlooking the park, whilst a toddler dressed in a summer dress and beach hat throws a ball for an overexcited terrier. Dotted around the park in small groups, friends gather together for drinks and picnics, children play, and the sound of cutlery on plates carries from the balconies high up on the south facing side of the apartment complex. Picking up my tote bag and turning the empty magnum stick between my sticky fingers, I head home myself.

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An Anniversary Trip to Oxford


It rained on our wedding anniversary this year, and so we postponed our plans to visit Oxford by a few days so that we could enjoy the day and be outside as much as possible. I’m so glad we did, because the day we visited – Tuesday gone – was warm and sunny, perfect for a long walk along the river into the city.

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Blackberry & Apple Picking with Mum and Dad


Some of my favourite photos (and a video) of my parents in recent years, blackberry and apple picking in fields near their home. This blog is more of a personal journal of daytrips and adventures and gets very little traffic – and that’s just fine – but on the off chance that you stumble upon this post having found my blog through one of my tutorials, please let this set of photos act as a reminder to capture moments with your own family. We tend to only photograph and video the high days and holidays, the highlights reel of our lives, but to me the everyday moments are the ones I treasure the most.

It was a simple afternoon of blackberry and apple picking, but it was such a lovely way to spend time together.

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