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We rearranged some furniture in the living room at the start of the month. We used to have a tall, MDF CD tower in this corner which functioned as a place to store miscellaneous items and balance a lamp. Meanwhile, this solid teak cabinet has sat in the bottom of our wardrobe for the best part of ten years, which is a shame as it’s a lovely piece of furniture and much prettier to look at than the Argos tower was. We inherited the cabinet – along with the rest of our mid-century furniture – from the previous owner of our flat as she was moving abroad and didn’t want to take it with her and we were happy to have it as we didn’t have any furniture of our own. The cabinet is supposed to be wall mounted, but dates to an era when houses and flats were built with solid walls and wooden beams rather than cheap plasterboard on a metal frame. Wall mounting this unit, let alone then loading it, is not an experiment I want to undertake with weak walls. For the longest time I didn’t know where to put it as space is limited, but I didn’t want to part with it either.

In the end we moved the CD tower into the wardrobe where it can continue to be functional storage without being an eyesore, and the cabinet onto a cheap underframe from IKEA in the living room. It’s just resting on the underframe, so we didn’t need to drill any holes or modify the cabinet in any way from its original state. I may paint or stain the underframe at some point to match the teak, but the colour difference doesn’t bother me too much at the moment. Best of all, one side of it is empty and so Minou has a new favourite spot for her afternoon naps.

I’ve been carrying the fan room to room this month, it’s been incredibly hot and humid lately. The washi tape is a little fix to keep the loose centre piece from rattling / resonating when the fan is turned on.

The much delayed and greatly anticipated cycling season began this month, much to Minou and Ed’s delight. I love watching the cycling too, though there’s a limit to how much hyperactive sports commentary I can listen to before I need a break! Out of frame, the fan is working overtime on the hottest day of the year – 33C.

On my pillow, because hers was in the other room, but it’s hard to be cross with her for long – or move her – when she’s so cute!

Before the pandemic hit, we were planning to go camping in France this summer down on the Atlantic near Bordeaux where we went on holiday a couple of weeks before our wedding ten years ago. We didn’t go camping this year, not even in the UK, but we made a daytrip up to the Dark Peak for an anniversary hike and picnic. There was a storm passing over, so it was incredibly windy and we ended up eating in the car overlooking Howden Reservoir, but in a gap between rain clouds we managed to get up on the ridge for a walk in the heather.

The Tour de France began at the end of August and so Ed, Minou and I ended the month watching cycling and enjoying the helicopter shots of France.

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