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Captured out the back of Gloucester Services whilst waiting out a snowstorm. We were trying to get down to Somerset to visit my parents. Mum moved into a nursing home at the end of November, and it was our first visit. It wasn’t snowing heavily in Birmingham, but in Gloucestershire the M5 was narrowed to two lanes because of the snow, and then a crash closed the motorway completely. Thankfully we had stopped at the services for a break when the crash happened, as I’d much rather wait 4.5 hours inside in the warmth with facilities available than stuck in a cold car. By the time the crash cleared we just drove to the next junction and turned around to come home, as it was too late in the day to carry on down to Somerset and back.

Weston-Super-Mare on the day we finally managed to get down and visit Mum. It wasn’t the best of visits as she was very agitated, but we stayed for 90 minutes and then went for chips on the beach in the rain to decompress.

Ed was changing his guitar strings. I’m not sure why these photos exported with a cross-hatch pattern, it might be something to do with export settings from Lightroom, though I haven’t changed anything. The originals are fine.

On the 25th Ed and I had lunch with his parents. Dad was with my brother.

A New Year’s Eve portrait with Gustave to match the ones we took last year when he was still very much a baby.

Etched Behind Eyelids |