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Spotted down at the allotments, peering through the fence and long grass at the bottom of somebody’s garden. A little late for Halloween decorations!

Just before sundown, the setting sun illuminated the very tops of the trees bordering the community orchard.

Sutton Park
Sutton Park
Sutton Park

Hazel catkins in the nature reserve.

Morning light.

January was a busy month on the allotment, and I made sure to capture photos at every stage so that we can look back and track our progress. The woodchip pile came from trees that were hanging over the fence bordering the back of our plot when they had some work done on their garden and temporary access to the allotment site for the day.

Gustave loves playing with willow!

I made this basket out of storm felled willow I found in the carpark by the swimming pool.

Etched Behind Eyelids |