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At the start of the month Ed and I went down to Bristol to see Kevin Devine. I don’t normally take pictures at shows, as I don’t like to risk having my camera taken off me by security or having beer thrown on it by the crowd. Besides, when I go to a show I am there to listen to the music and sing along rather than take pictures. That said, this month Ed and I have been to two tiny acoustic shows and I thought it’d be fun to take my camera and capture a few stills as security is more relaxed, acoustic shows are civilised, and I don’t mind being at the front for them. I keep my shutter on silent during quiet songs and my review screen off as I know how annoying it is to have a glowing screen distract you from the stage.

This month we also saw The Menzingers, but it was a full band, sweaty ass punk show at The Asylum, so I didn’t take my camera.

At the end of the month we went down to London to see Nathan Gray.

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