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I have just finished my first ideas or commonplace notebook. I started keeping an ideas notebook back at the start of December 2018 and so this first volume spans fifteen months. I have small writing, which is why I have managed to cram quite so much into such a tiny, passport sized notebook.

I use my notebook to keep track of ideas I have for various creative projects, as well as my observations on everyday life and the passing seasons in and around Birmingham. Every now and then I share snippets on this blog, too, but there’s quite a lot that I keep private. 2019 was a year of upheaval, change, and crisis. In politics and for the environment, locally and globally, so inevitably my thoughts filtered through to my notebook too.

I am so glad I started keeping an ideas and observations notebook, it’s so easy to do but so rewarding to look back on. I look forward to making a start on the new one – an identical £1.50 notebook from Muji – in the coming days and months.

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