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January has been a quiet month. As a result of Ed’s XC meets and the need to make more regular trips down to Gloucestershire to visit family there hasn’t been much time left over for weekend adventures, and I haven’t got many photos to show for the month. I’m behind on editing my monthly films at the moment too, as I spent most of November and December editing a 48 minute documentary which I’ve just released, so I’ll update this post with January’s video once I’ve finished it.

January has been filled with music though, and Minou has been well, so even though I haven’t made as many photos as I’d have liked, and we haven’t been able to visit either of the botanical gardens this month, it’s been a good month all the same. Of course I’ve still been capturing photos for my nearly nine year strong ‘photo a day’ diary, but this month they’re mostly late night photos of Minou.

Etched Behind Eyelids |