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Playing with the laces on my running shoes which Ed had set out in the hall for me whilst I got changed to go for a run.

December was a dark and gloomy month, but by the second week of January the days became much brighter and colder. Seeing the sun stream in on clear mornings really lifted my mood and made me feel like spring is on the way.

I tried to wet felt a cat cave for Gustave but it went wrong and ended up far too small. It won’t go to waste though as I can use it as a tea cosy for my small teapot instead.

Exploring his cat tower for the first time. He is perfectly happy to ascend, but a bit hesitant when descending. I have put the tower next to the spare bed so that if he falls or lands clumsily, at least it is onto a soft surface and he won’t injure himself.

The Electric reopened and we booked tickets to see ‘Belfast’ on their opening night. It was lovely to sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers in a sold out screening, and celebrate the return of the UK’s oldest working cinema.

Teaching myself the basics of crochet, with no project in mind. I just wanted to learn how to do it.

Playing with the kick toy rat I made him, in an attempt to stop him destroying our soft furnishings when he’s in a killing kind of mood!

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