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Somewhere between Winchcombe and Cleeve Hill on the Cotswold Way.

There aren’t any pictures of me playing violin or piano as a child, so I’m trying to make sure that when I’m looking at pictures in another twenty to thirty years time that there are some of me playing now.

Minou has spent most of June and July in this cardboard box beneath the bench on the balcony. I’ve put a sheet in it to make it more comfortable for her, but she seems very content to be outside enjoying the endless heatwave.

Watching the dragonflies dance on the low water at the secret lake. It seems to be a good summer for wildflowers and insects this year, I’ve never seen so many butterflies, bees and dragonflies in the city.

Morning light, reflected off the building opposite ours.

On the 10th I cycled to Warwick from Birmingham city centre along the Grand Union Canal, and then got the train home. My original plan was to eventually cycle to London in stages, but the towpath is awful in places, especially between Lapworth and Hatton. It hasn’t rained in a month so it was dry, but the towpath was so narrow, potholed and overgrown that at times I couldn’t get off my bike if I wanted to. There wasn’t space to dismount and push it, so I had to cycle through the nettles and brambles instead. It wasn’t the most enjoyable ride, but it was good to get out on my bike on my own for 45km.

I’ve taken a lot of photos of Minou this month. I can’t help it. Every time I look out the window or go to find her for a cuddle she’s asleep in a really funny position.

The heatwave finally broke with a month’s worth of rain falling in the space of a single afternoon.

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