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I dug my Helios 44M out to play with bokeh at the Botanical Gardens.

Mum and Dad came up last minute one Monday, early in July. I made a quick picnic and took them to Winterbourne where we sat on blankets under the trees and enjoyed our food together.

Ed loves Killer Sudoku and one of his students gave him a book of them as a thank you gift at the end of term. He can lose himself in puzzles for hours at a time.

One Sunday we went for a walk in Sutton Park and Ed spotted the ponies asleep in the woods. These are all long lens, taken from the main path, hence the blurred foliage. I feel like a broken record but it’s important to me to be clear that I never approach or hassle the ponies.

A summer day scene, my swimming costume drip drying from the window handle onto the balcony.

Home from work, and straight in front of the fan.

Boston Tea Party has reopened, and they serve our favourite cake again!

We found Kitty at the Botanical Gardens, asleep on warm woodchip. She let us say “hello” and sat up for a wash, but otherwise seemed to be enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon in a quiet section of the gardens.

I bought a lampshade hat to try and stop myself from burning on hot summer days. I like it. I don’t care if I look silly. Teenage me would not approve. It’s not very punk rock. Not very metal. Oh well.

Poppies, growing wild along the towpath heading south out of the city.

With no summer holiday planned due to price hikes and overbooked UK destinations, Ed and I have decided to take day trips instead. Our first was to the Malverns, where we got the train to Colwall and then hiked back along the ridge to Great Malvern. It was a lovely day.

We did end up with a really long wait at Great Malvern station though, as our train was cancelled and they’re only one an hour. We killed some time with a churchyard picnic picked up from the supermarket, which reminded us very much of the early days of our relationship in a quiet suburban town not too dissimilar to Great Malvern, and of course Ed had to fit some Killer Sudoku in too!

July’s short film to come, once I have edited it. I have all the footage stacked up, it’s just a matter of playing catch up.

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