Welsh Mountain Ponies in the Brecon Beacons

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Turning the corner of Cribyn on the return leg of walking the Brecon Horseshoe in the Brecon Beacons yesterday afternoon, Ed spotted some strange looking sheep in the valley. It was our first proper encounter with the Welsh mountain ponies, the descendents of working pit ponies who roam the mountains of South Wales. They joined the path ahead of us, walking in the same direction, and when we passed them by they continued up the mountainside, responding to the calls from other members of their herd.

It was such a beautiful encounter, and one I know that I will remember.

My usual paragraph that I always like to include alongside pony photos when I share them online – these photos were taken from the main path. If you encounter wild ponies or horses in upland areas or national parks, please don’t feed them or follow them. There were a group of people further along the path from us throwing food to them, and I know it seems kind, but it can cause them to lose their inhibitions and the food can make them ill.

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