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Now that we’re through to the second half of the summer term, Ed is often home from school by 4pm. With the botanical gardens open until 7pm and Ed taking an evening off from running, we visited the gardens just before close one afternoon.

On the way back from visiting my parents in Somerset one Saturday, Ed and I stopped off at his parents’ house to borrow their dog for a walk. They were off out to see friends so we didn’t see them for long, but it was good to take Maisie for a walk in the woods and break the journey.

A Sunday at Sutton Park.

Ed likes to go for an easy run on Wednesdays as they fall between track sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays so his legs are usually a bit battered. He enjoys trail running and it’s light until late, so a couple of times this month I accompanied him up to Sutton Park and went for a walk whilst he went for his run. I’ll never turn down an opportunity to go for a walk and see the ponies.

Overhanging a garden fence on my usual loop of the neighbourhood. If only you could smell a photograph.

I stopped off at Winterbourne on my way back from receiving my second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Hoya Bella spotted in the glasshouse at Winterbourne.

Ed was racing locally, so I passed by on my walk to watch his 3000m race.

Another Wednesday, another trip to Sutton Park.

Tour de France has started, and it’s early this year because of the Olympics. This is how Ed spends his weekends during grand tours!

An early evening visit to the Botanical Gardens after watching cycling all afternoon.

We saw Kitty! She’s very aloof and not the sort of cat who stops to say “hello”. She’s gentle, but she completely ignored us and carried on with the important business of sniffing the plants, washing her face, and stalking through the rose garden.

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