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At Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Gustave’s first steps on the balcony.

Sutton Park
Sutton Park

The blossom in Oozells Square opened quite early this year. Not as early as 2020, but these photos were taken on 20th March.

My first épi baguettes

I am leash training Gustave so that we can take him with us to visit my parents. I know he’d really enjoy Dad’s garden, and it gives us options if he is comfortable on a leash.


To make the balcony safer for a young and active cat, we erected safety netting with magnetic hooks and task clamps. I don’t feel 100% confident yet, but I feel much happier letting him roam out there and turning my back for a minute to make a cup of tea or go do something briefly in another room. I still watch him like a hawk, I’m hoping that with time I’ll feel less anxious.

Etched Behind Eyelids |