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After two years of not really reading all that much, I’ve found a few books that I want to read. I read Neil Gaiman’s ‘Norse Mythology’ in the spring and enjoyed it, and then binge read Hanya Yanagihara‘s ‘A Little Life’ in three days at the start of September and Katherine Arden’s ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ at the start of this month. I’ve added a load of titles that sound promosing to my goodreads list so hopefully I’ll always have something to hand that I want to read. Surprisingly, I’ve managed to find quite a few of them at the library. It wasn’t too long ago that the city council announced they no longer had a budget for new books, so I wasn’t expecting to find new titles there.

A Sunday walk in the forest up at Cannock Chase at the end of the month.

Thank-you flowers from friends whose wedding I photographed, and a pumpkin for carving.

I recently ordered a print from Finnish illustrator Heikala and when it arrived, the envelope had the prettiest stamps attached.

Minou usually sits between us when we’re playing music together, and her preference is to sit in Ed’s guitar case. When we set up to record a few covers she wouldn’t settle and kept shuffling her paws and jumping up and down from the bed, so I folded the music stand down on the piano and set her up in centre frame between us. Then she slept.

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