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Thirty-two trips around the sun, celebrating like I did when I’d made just five.

I’ve been trying to learn how to draw. Ed bought me a sketch book and pencils for my birthday and I’ve been following the circles and lines method to learn how to draw animals. I’ve actually surprised myself at my first few attempts, I just assumed I couldn’t draw at all.

I’ve had the same set of Dominants on my violin since last November, and they’ve been taken off and put back on several times as well as played every single day for ten months. The original E broke back in the summer when it was really humid and my pegs kept slipping, so I replaced it with a Pirastro Gold E (not the gold plated version, just the regular) which I’ve been happy with. I finally ordered some replacement strings and fitted them on the 24th. I’ve gone with Pirastro Tonica strings for the G and D and put a new Dominant A that I already had to hand on too. Before I took my old strings off I recorded the sound of them both plucked and bowed to make a comparison. Hopefully it’ll help me remember to change my strings more often if I can hear the difference. So far I’ve been pretty pleased with them. They don’t have the metallic hiss / bow noise that Dominants do which is good.

I’m forever forgetting where I’ve put my mutes and bike lights, so I bought two little bags with illustrations by Tina Sosna from her Lovely Envelopes collection.

Earlier this year I booked tickets to go see Ólafur Arnalds play the Town Hall. I’d been looking forward to it for so long, and it was such a good concert. I hope I get the chance to see him and his ensemble play live again some day.

Homemade szarlotka and The Strad.

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