Waiting for the Train


I started learning to draw back in September, but I have been pretty tentative with watercolour. The reason for this is that I didn’t want to try and learn too many skills at once. I’ve been focusing on drawing animals and people from lots of different angles, but I haven’t really attempted backgrounds.

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Understanding White Balance in Photography



In this photography tutorial I explain white balance as an introduction to a longer post I plan to write on colour theory. White balance is a key setting in photography, but it’s something that beginners often overlook. If you have ever found yourself looking through photographs you’ve taken indoors under artificial lighting or outside under street lighting and wondered why they’re so yellow and what you can do about it, then this tutorial will help you. This tutorial will also be useful if you’re an artist or Etsy seller who needs to photograph true to life images of artwork or products for your online portfolio, Instagram page or shop.

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A Very Detailed Guide to the Exposure Triangle | Aperture


Taken at F2 with a Helios 44 lens on an APSC camera // the image is in soft focus

In part 1 of this three part guide to the exposure triangle I explained what shutter speed is, how it can help you freeze or blur motion, and how to avoid blurry photos resulting from holding your camera in your hands. After playing around in shutter priority mode for a while, I hope that you have a better idea of how shutter speed shapes your images. In part 2, I’m now going to explain what aperture is in photography and how you can use it to photograph anything from portraits with beautifully soft backgrounds to detailed landscape photographs in the mountains.

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