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We joke that Minou has gone to live on the moon with Mikado, my childhood cat. We know it’s a load of nonsense, but there’s comfort in stories and imagined alternative realities. She’s sat there with Mickey, eating moon cheese, and training up an apprentice to send to us. She sent me a teapot for my birthday, which took a lot of planning as there are significant delays in the post reaching Earth from the moon!

This is my favourite neighbourhood cat. She has a curly tail that never goes straight, and she is incredibly friendly. She loves to run over and say “hello” to everyone who passes, and she does the best pavement rolls. Her humans have recently given her a collar, I think it’s to let other people know that she has a loving home, and doesn’t need additional meals!

This is Lola, my friend’s cat. She is coming to stay with us in October whilst he and his partner go away on holiday, so we popped over to theirs one afternoon to meet her so that she could get used to us and know our scent before she arrived. She has the the most epic primordial pouch, she can polish floors with her undercarriage, I won’t have to vacuum the flat the week she stays!

On the last Monday of the month, Ed got home from school surprisingly early and so we managed to squeeze in a final evening walk / run up in Sutton Park. I am going to miss these evenings in the woods.

The ginkgo trees outside the Library of Birmingham are still green, but it won’t be long before they turn and fall.

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