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Yesterday afternoon, Ed and I walked the Brecon Horseshoe in the Brecon Beacons. We’ve walked this route twice before, but yesterday was the first time the weather was good to us. After checking the Met Office’s mountain forecast, we drove through torrential rain in Worcestershire with the promise of a 95% chance of cloud free summits. To be honest, we were fairly sceptical, but thankfully the forecast was accurate. By the time we arrived the sky was blue and the whole ridge was visible from the valley.

Last year we couldn’t see anything from the ridge as we were in cloud the whole time, but we crossed paths with the Welsh mountain ponies down on the main footpath heading back to Neuadd Reservoir. I thought that was my mountain pony sightings luck spent for the next few years, but yesterday we spotted them on the summit of Pen y Fan. Looking back at my photos of them from last year, I think that we saw a few members of the same herd yesterday afternoon. The brown and white horse with a pink nose with a black patch on it was a foal last year, and the black horse looks similar to a black horse we saw last year too.

Soaring overhead were two red kites, turning circles on the wind. It was one of our best visits to the Brecons.

I think the brown and white horse pictured here is the same horse I saw as a foal last summer.

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