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It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally finished a project! I started sewing years ago, my mum taught me. Twelve years ago I made my wedding dress, with a lot of help from my mum who was a much more experienced seamstress than me. I’ve never really made anything else though. I have made simple things like cushion covers, and once I really tested my patience by making 228cm drop, fully lined curtains without the space to prepare the fabric properly. I’ve stayed away from sewing clothes, because I have never been that inspired by the 1970s style commercial patterns. Recently I have discovered that there are some lovely independent pattern makers, designing and making clothes that I actually want to wear.

I chose the Fabric Store’s ‘Alejandra’ jumpsuit pattern because it’s simple. I just made the top half and I might make a pair of shorts at some point too, but didn’t want to cut the material for the full jumpsuit as my first project on returning to sewing. I lack patience and often get frustrated with my sewing machine. There was a very high chance that I never actually finished this, so I’m feeling quite proud of myself that I did.

I think the key to my success this time around was pacing myself, and not trying to complete a whole project in one day. It’s a quick sew, but I didn’t want to get frustrated with it by doing too much at once.

The fabric is a cotton and linen mix, and I used cotton thread.


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