An Anniversary Trip to Oxford


It rained on our wedding anniversary this year, and so we postponed our plans to visit Oxford by a few days so that we could enjoy the day and be outside as much as possible. I’m so glad we did, because the day we visited – Tuesday gone – was warm and sunny, perfect for a long walk along the river into the city.

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Blackberry & Apple Picking with Mum and Dad


Some of my favourite photos (and a video) of my parents in recent years, blackberry and apple picking in fields near their home. This blog is more of a personal journal of daytrips and adventures and gets very little traffic – and that’s just fine – but on the off chance that you stumble upon this post having found my blog through one of my tutorials, please let this set of photos act as a reminder to capture moments with your own family. We tend to only photograph and video the high days and holidays, the highlights reel of our lives, but to me the everyday moments are the ones I treasure the most.

It was a simple afternoon of blackberry and apple picking, but it was such a lovely way to spend time together.

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Window Dressing


A pile of limbs litter the floor of the wedding dress shop on the square, recently reopened after the final restrictions were lifted a month ago today, allowing weddings to resume as they were in the days before the pandemic. In the window, a teenage boy fondles the naked plastic breast of a mannequin he and his mother or aunt are in the process of dressing for a window display.

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