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Ed made me a birthday cake following this recipe for a vegan coffee and walnut cake. I first trialled this recipe back in the spring, and it has taken the place of my old favourite sponge cake recipe. The Rose Elliot recipe is pretty good (it was our go-to birthday cake recipe for nearly fourteen years), but the Veganuary one is fluffier and tastes more like a traditional victoria sponge. I made a few adjustments to it though. Instead of 1tsp xantham gum, I use 2tbsps soya flour, and instead of 200ml instant coffee I use 50ml strong filter coffee and 150ml soya milk.

Cuddles and a birthday portrait with Minou.

On the canal, a middle aged man on a mobility scooter rushes through the tunnel ahead of me, only to slam on his breaks, reverse, and throw whole slices of white bread across the toll gate to the geese. Racing forward once again, his comical honky-tonk horn scatters office workers left and right as he makes his way across the cobbles and out of sight. Under the bridge at Granville Street, the soft put-put of a narrowboat engine cuts through the silence as I make my way home from the library.

5th September 2019 // from my observations notebook

On my evening walk around Edgbaston, I wonder how many warm days remain before I need to wear tights again, and consider taking a coat. The black cat on Elvetham, asleep beneath the (still green) magnolia tree as usual, doesn’t stir, but their neighbour, a plump black and white cat with a very curly pinned back tail that Ed and I have named ‘Bartholemew’ as it is more polite than ‘Butt Hole’ for the prominent derrière the cat parades around, runs over for a scratch and stroke as I walk by. Further along on Carpenter, the amber and white cat steps out to say ‘good evening’. I love these evening walks at cat o’clock, watching the seasons slowly change alongside the neighbourhood cats.

11th September 2019 // from my observations notebook

One of my favourite photos of Ed in recent months. I take lots, so that’s saying something. I just love the light and his smile.

Sunrise at my parents’ house one Sunday morning after shooting a wedding down in Dorset the day before.

Sutton Park Ponies

On the 21st Ed raced the Midland Road Relays in Sutton Park, so I went down to cheer him and some of his running friends on before carrying on down to the part of the park where the ponies live. I didn’t really expect to see them as the park was really busy on what was probably the last truly hot day of the year, but to my surprise they were all out grazing by Little Bracebridge Pool.

Wild Exmoor Ponies
Exmoor Ponies in Sutton Park
Exmoor Ponies in Sutton Park

This horse is a young one, and their mane was bothering them as it kept falling across their eyes. I captured this frame just as they were having a scratch, and I really like the motion in it.

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