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I have finished my quilt. I started making it in July when it did nothing but rain every day, and finished it on Friday 6th October in time for an autumn heatwave. It was 22C when I took these photos! I am so happy with how the quilt turned out, and I’m also really surprised that I managed to complete a sewing project without uttering a single swearword. Unheard of. This was the most relaxing sewing project I’ve ever undertaken, I really love quilting.

I detailed the construction of the quilt top in an earlier post, together with a demonstration of how I went about hand quilting. I then took a little break before making the binding two weeks ago. I followed this tutorial by Sara Buscaglia of Farm and Folk, which is very clearly written and illustrated with step by step photos. I attached the binding with my sewing machine, but then finished it by hand using ladder stitch (also known as invisible stitch).

As a finishing touch, I embroidered the date onto the binding.

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